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Recruitment SEO

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What is Recruitment SEO?  

It's taking traditional SEO to the next level to ensure that your website gains quality candidates and/or new business visitors.

What will you get?

The following table goes some results for past/present clients






Job Board   

Oil & Gas   


£1500 per month   

14000 hits grown to 140,000 hits in 9 months




£350 per month

£200,000 in New business from the website per year

Career site



£1000 per month

500 qualified graduate aplications per month

SEO & Job Seekers

In simple terms, job seekers will go to the web and run a search for ‘travel 
jobs London’ (this term is searched for 2,400 times each month on average). Then they will go and engage with the sites they find (at a
diminishing rate) based upon the position they occupy in the first 10 results.

Job seekers follow some pretty established routes to finding jobs online, which mirror in part some standard search techniques for all markets, but then deviate heavily into Long Tail searches.

What are Long Tails?

If you search for FM jobs this is considered an ‘Head term” to most SEO people. If you search for ‘FM jobs Dartford’ this is deemed to be a ‘Shoulder or Mid Tail’ search. If you search for ‘Premises managers jobs Dartford
permanent’ this is deemed to be a ‘Long Tail’ search.

Since 2007 Long Tail searching by job seekers has become the norm. With 360 million Long Tail searches being performed in Google each month.

How has SEO Changed?

In the last few years Google has turned on its head the way it measures your on-page and off-page strategy, it is now able to qualify what you have done in far more detail. Hence you will see lots of information about SEO being dead,
or SEO link partnering (the number one way historically to do off-page SEO) is dead, etc.

None of this is true. It all just became a great deal harder, requiring a higher quality of content to be applied to your on and off-page SEO strategies and for you to choose your off-page SEO partners based on real merit.

Recruitment Search Engine Optimisation

All major SEO firms have industry specialist teams. Google and its search engine peers recognise there are different approaches to SEO when it comes to the different industries and audiences people are targeting. Our industry
calls our form of SEO, ‘Recruitment SEO’ (RSEO).

One of the great myths of RSEO, created by some of our competitors, is that optimising your jobs is RSEO. This is a very simplistic view. Worse, as a result of other methods, it is also quite outdated as a standalone technique for RSEO.

Beware if you’re told otherwise, it means your optimiser has a very limited grasp of the techniques that will be needed to get you ranked. News for example, is as powerful as any job advert.